Essential motorcycle gear and accessories

Essential Motorcycle Gear & Accessories

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Essential Motorcycle Gear & Accessories

There is a lot of gear and accessories that you can buy for your motorcycle that doesn’t necessarily fit into a defined category. A lot of these accessories are items that you don’t even know you need unless you just happen to come across them but can make motorcycle ownership so much more convenient and straightforward.

Here we have compiled a list of motorcycle gear that we think you will find useful in everyday life, and best of all, most of it is pretty cheap and affordable. This section will be updated regularly giving you access to some of the best motorcycle gear and accessories on the market.

Half Face Motorcycle Mask

Riding your bike in cold weather and low temperatures can be uncomfortable at best and painful at worst. Wind chill is no laughing matter as the effects of cold are magnified when traveling at speed. This motorcycle mask or balaclava will do a great job in keeping the important bits of your face warm and protected to keep you riding for longer. When not in use, simply store in your backpack.Motorcycle Face Mask

Full-Face Motorcycle Mask

This full-faced black motorcycle mask will go even further in keeping you warm than half faced variants. Although thick, this mask will easily fit underneath your helmet and act as a warm insulating base layer, keeping that wind off your head.

Full Face Motorcycle Mask


Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses

Not all of us like using a tinted visor as they are illegal in some areas for road use. They also can’t easily be swapped out mid-ride if the weather takes a turn for the worst.

For some, a better idea is a pair of sunglasses that are designed to be worn underneath your helmet. Available in a variety of styles and lens colors, there is no reason not to have a pair of these in your bike’s storage compartment.

Riding Sunglasses


Motorcycle GPS / Phone Holder

Getting lost is easy which is why many riders choose to ride with the aid of a GPS device. This can either be a purpose-built satellite navigation system or your smartphone’s map app instead.

Either way, you’re going to need to mount it on your bike’s handlebars so what better way than this RAM mount?

Motorcycle GPS Phone Holder


Motorcycle Rain Cover

Not all of us have the luxury of a garage so need to keep our bikes outside. Sun and rain exposure can wreak havoc on any bike’s finish so to protect yours and to keep it out of sight of prying eyes, invest in a motorcycle cover.

Motorbike Rain Cover


Paddock Stands

You too can pretend your garage is a race team’s pit bay with a set of paddock stands. Perfect for cleaning and lubricating your chain as you can elevate your rear wheel and performance motorcycle tires off the ground.

You will likely need a set of bobbins on the rear swing arm to allow these to hook onto and the same on your front fork. This item comes as a set of two, front and rear, for the price you would usually pay for one.

Motorbike Paddock Stands


Motorcycle Loading Ramp

Getting your bike into the back of a van isn’t easy without a set of ramps. These 7.5ft folding aluminum ramps are a must-have for those who regularly take their bikes to race or track days.

Folding Motorcycle Ramp


Mini Bluetooth Headset

This Bluetooth headset is unlike all the rest we have ever seen on the market. Rather than install it into the side recess of your helmet, this headset acts as an earbud and just sits in your ear instead.

You only get the one which is designed for your right ear but this is more than enough to hold a phone call comfortably. It will also work with your GPS system so you can hear where you’re supposed to be going.

Bluetooth Headset for Motorcycles


Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers

If you’ve ever wanted to attach a set of speakers to your bike then look no further. With these Bluetooth speakers, you’re able to wirelessly stream audio from your smartphone, allowing you to listen to the music that you want as you roll down the strip on your cruiser.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Speakers

Motorcycle Scissor Lift (Dolly / Jack)

More and more bikers are beginning to service their motorcycles at home rather than make expensive trips to the main dealership. Making use of a motorcycle dolly is a great way to make this process as easy as possible.

This scissor lift will revolutionize the way you maintain and work on your bike, making it easier to complete those previously awkward jobs. Strong enough to lift an 1100 lbs motorcycle.

Motorcycle Scissor Lift Jack

Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Make transporting your bike easier with a wheel chock that allows you to lock a wheel in place. Vital for the use of trailers and handy for those who load their bikes into the back of vans and pickup trucks.

Motorcycle Wheel Chock


Portable Air Compressor / Tire Inflator

Your bike’s tire pressures should always be checked from cold to ensure an accurate reading. This means that riding 10 miles to your nearest garage in Summer temperatures is less than ideal.

With this air compressor, you’ll be able to check your tire pressures and inflate as required from the comfort of your garage.

Portable Tyre Compressor Motorcycle


Bluetooth Diagnostics Tool

With the onset of low-cost diagnostics tools you are now able to scan and diagnose fault codes and check engine lights without the need for an expensive dealership visit.

Simply plug this code reader into your bike’s OBD port and wirelessly connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth where you’ll be able to see exactly what is wrong with your bike.

Bluetooth Diagnostics Tool for Motorbikes


And there you have it, our must-have motorcycle gear and accessories for 2018!

We haven’t listed one here but we also suggest purchasing a good car and motorcycle battery charger to keep your automotive battery in tip-top condition year-round. Simply leave it plugged into your motorcycle’s battery when not in use and you’ll never experience a flat battery every again. A good battery charger will set you back no more than $100 so consider it a good investment.