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What To Do If Your Motorcycle Is Stolen

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What to do if your Motorcycle is Stolen


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Keep calm and call the Police

Sometimes the worst happens, and despite your best efforts, someone has made off with your machine. Any number of thoughts could be going through your head such as extracting cruel and unusual revenge on the perpetrator or just sadness at the thought of how much the replacement is going to cost. This mini guide is a summary of what you should do in the event your bike is stolen to increase the likelihood of your bike being found and getting you back on the road as quickly as possible.


Step One: Call the Police

Whether your bike has been taken from your home, your workplace car park or off the street, your first step needs to be reporting the theft to the Police. You’ll need to provide them with your license plate, the make and model of bike as well as where it was taken from and the time of theft.

The quicker this is done, the quicker your bike will appear on the relevant stolen databases which means that it can be tracked by ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras. If it is seen being ridden in an anti-social manner, then the number plate will also come back as being stolen if pulled over by the Police.

If you have a GPS tracking system fitted, also provide the Police with the details they will request as they will be able to send someone out to the bike’s known location.


Step Two: Notify your Insurance Company

You also need to get in touch with your insurance company ASAP. They will request the same details the Police have and will log your claim within their system.

On a side note, if your bike is fairly new and is on a finance package which is tied to your bike, it is a good idea to invest in GAP insurance if you haven’t already done so. The idea is that the value that your insurance company will pay out on isn’t always the same as the value of the bike that your finance company has listed. This means that in the event of a total loss, you’ll be left with the shortfall between the two figures to pay. GAP insurance makes sure this figure is covered.


Step Three: Notify the Internet

With the two most important steps out of the way it is now time to let the World know your bike has been stolen. Create a “stolen thread” on all the popular motorcycle forums that relate to your bike and provide an accurate description of your bike and detail where and when it was stolen. Make sure you list any unique features and modifications which make your bike stand out. The idea here is to make sure that if anyone sees it for sale or being broken into parts, they know to avoid it and contact the Police.

You can also harness the power of your personal contacts and spread the word through social media.


Step Four: Anti-Theft Protection

Motorcycle security product manufactures like Kryptonite and OnGuard provide what is called an anti-theft protection offer with their top rated chains and locks. If you were using one of their products whilst your bike was stolen, they will provide you with compensation up to a certain value, depending on the lock that was used. This can be up to $3500 / £3000 so make sure you register for it after you’ve bought your new security chains.


Step Five: Wait

The last step is to wait and see if your bike is recovered as well as continuing through the insurance claim process. Payout times can vary but hopefully you’re back on two wheels as soon as possible.


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